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How To Keep Your Candles Looking Hot!

How To Keep Your Candles Looking Hot!

12th Nov 2017

Candle Care

Don’t allow your expensive glass candle holders to mar with smoky black stains, or that gorgeous golden glow wane to a dull drizzly flame…

To Keep Your Flame Full and Thick- You Must Remember to Trim Your Wick!

At Armina Fernandi, we understand the science behind a well- maintained candle, so that they remain rich and lustrous! Keeping the wick trimmed to 1/8 of an inch at all times helps control the amount of wax being absorbed and burnt, and thus fuelling the flame. A 1/8" wick is deemed the ideal length for complete combustion and minimal soot.

Our Trimming Technique

We advise you to extinguish the flame, allowing the candle to reach room temperature before trimming and relighting. You can use scissors, nail clippers or a specialised wick trimmer- these have angled blades which also collect any debris.

Don’t let unkempt candles obscure the vibrancy of a vivid flame… After every four hours of burning- trim them again!