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Interesting facts about the science behind our candles

Posted by Jay Cavanagh on 22nd Mar 2018

Scent is a science and at Armina Fernandi, we perfect this science to provide the public with premium line scented soy wax candles. Scent can be broken down into three strands: base,heart and top. Armina Fernandi utilises the note system to create unique and fulfilling fragrances that lift the home from just a chaotic furniture collection to a calming paradise. Whether you’re looking for a romanticised atmosphere, bursting with the scents of the rose and a luxury bottle of champagne, or a soothing lavender infusion that carries you off to sleep, the use of a note system makes any blend possible. 

Whilst top notes refer to the scent that hits us first, heart notes refer to those scents that are the most dominant in an infusion; base notes are the lingering scents that help to boost the top and heartscents. Our Amber Noir Candle, available from our online shop, boasts a citrusy top note that lays the foundations for a powerful floral heart note brought to you by the infusion of lilies, roses and geraniums. 

As the heart note begins to subside after filling your home with a sweetened ambiance that transports you to a luxurious Caribbean garden from the comfort of your own four walls. The use of soy wax and a solid combination of multiple scents that lift each other up, Armina Fernandi products deliver maximum aromatic pleasure for longer than any high street brand. 

Our brand of soy wax products burn for approximately 50 hours, providing the buyer excellent value for money and a luxurious edition to their home environment. With Armina Fernandi soy wax candles,customers can be comfortable in the knowledge that the scents they adore are not just masking harmful carcinogenic toxins regularly found in the fumes of paraffin wax products.

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