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​What does your scent say about you?

Posted by Jay Cavanagh on 14th Mar 2018

At Armina Fernandi, we believe in providing quality candles to suit every occasion, mood and setting. You can unwind with a tranquil and fragrant Egyptian Linen experience, or set the seasonal mood with the crisp and inviting scent of Strudel & Spice, both of which are available from our shop. We use our love of gorgeous and uplifting smells to dictate some fundamental choices in our day-to-day routines. Armina Fernandi produces top quality soy wax candles that statistically last longer than the typical paraffin candle regularly sold on the high street, allowing us to enjoy a luxurious edition to our routine for longer.

Our products offer a personalised gift opportunity, whether the gift is for her, for him or for you: Armina Fernandi has something to suit all, whoever the recipient and whatever the occasion. So, what scent suits you? If you want to spice up an intimate moment with your significant other, romanticise the atmosphere with a rose and champagne infusion that recreates a Valentine’s Day treat 365 days a year. Instead, maybe you need to rest and want a scent to carry you off into the night: our Amber Noir luxury candle can turn your home into woody and zesty relaxation zone. Perhaps you simply want to usher in the new season with a springtime aroma and our floral Pear and Vanilla hand-poured candle could do exactly that and more.

Candles do not have to simply represent relaxation in your home, however. A candle can also help to set the tone for a sophisticated evening engagement, using the aromatic and woody scents of cognac, Cuban tobacco and oak wood to inject enjoyability into a tense environment. The pressures of a professional situation can also be eased by the smoky spiced ambiance of a Lime, Basil and Mandarin infusion, inspiring comfort with an edge. Whatever the situation, the atmosphere or personal mood: there’s a candle and scent to match. Maybe you have decided not to entertain for an evening and want a fragrance to help drift with you into a deep and fulfilling sleep, a touch of lavender or a breezy mandarin accompaniment can give you the quality rest you have lacked for weeks.

Whether you want a scent for an occasion, a scent to match a personality, or a scent to help you destress, the Armina Fernandi soy candle range can fulfil your needs to the highest standards. In a world that never stops moving and stress is a number one cause of disease both mental and physical, investing in a luxury moment for yourself can make all the difference and incentivise a sense of self-care.